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Throughout this book, you will see quotes from many God-sent teachers who gave vital instructions that changed my life. This is the kind of book that you don’t have to read in the order that it was written. You can pick it up and turn to any page you feel compelled to read.  The style of writing is more like a guide to a peaceful and content life, which really makes a difference for the reader.


The book follows an amazing pattern. It’s not organized chapter-wise; instead, it’s structured alphabetically in a way that you can pick up the book and start reading it from anywhere, and it’ll still make sense. Inside the book, there are multiple topics like acceptance, accountability, grace, and humility, which are of great value, independently as well.  It is my hope that this information will uplift, empower, encourage, and impart wisdom to all who read this book.





Emmanuella Young is an American-born author and is CEO of Stencil Town Inc.  She serves as the Senior Leader and Pastor of Rescue Church Inc. in Brooklyn, New York.  Pastor Emmanuella Young is also a certified life coach, author, recording artist, songwriter, composer, vocal producer, television host, and radio personality.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Emmanuella Young wholeheartedly believes that she can impact the world one soul at a time.  Being aware of the call on her life, Emmanuella began her training at a young age.  She had a very strong love for music through singing and playing instruments.  As she grew to know more of God’s will for her life.  Emmanuella recognized the call to spread the word and began preparing to meet the challenge.   With the many hats Emmanuella wears, the two she loves and thanks God for the most are those of wife and mother.   Emmanuella is married to Terrell Young, Sr. and is the mother of Olivia and Terrell Young Jr.


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